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The Town of Forestville maintains two cemeteries.  One located on County Road H in the community of Maplewood, across from St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  This cemetery is known as the Forestville Town Cemetery and consists of 10 acres of land.  The Forestville Town Cemetery was established in 1872.

The second cemetery, known as Brockhausen Cemetery, was established in 1875.  The Brockhausen Cemetery consists of 1 acre of land on the north side of County Line Road, 4/10ths of a mile east of the junction with State Highway 42.  The Brockhausen Cemetery is also known as the “Elizabeth Cemetery”.

A cemetery committee, appointed by the Town Board, is responsible for the sale of burial sites, the supervision and proper placement of grave sites and markers, as well as ongoing maintenance of the grounds.

Grave site sales or burial arrangements, for grave site owners, can be arranged by contacting one of the cemetery committee members.

Larry Hubersupervisor2@forestvilletown.wi.gov(920) 495-0158Committee Chairman
Geoff Hansenfromtheforty@centurytel.net(920) 856-5926Committee Member
Jim Jodarskijimjodar@gmail.com(920) 493-3979Committee Member

There are no longer any burial sites available for sale in the Brockhausen Cemetery.  Burial sites are currently available for purchase in the Forestville Town Cemetery.  Residents of the Town of Forestville, which includes the Village of Forestville, can purchase a grave site for $300 per site.  Non-residents can purchase a grave site for $500 per site.

Grave opening fees and other related services will be charged as appropriate.

A grave opening fee for a traditional casketed/vault burial $550.

A grave opening fee for a cremation burial is $275.

There may be additional costs, related to a casketed/vault burial.  These include scheduling of a burial, preparation of the grave site, and other fees that may apply. Please direct questions to your chosen Funeral Home Director.

The Town of Forestville has entered into agreement with an independent contractor to perform grave opening services.

Upon burial, a uniform $150 perpetual care fee will be charged for residents and non-residents alike.  If a 2nd burial (cremation) is added to a grave site, an additional $150 perpetual care fee will be charged.

Rates were established by the Town Board and are effective as of March 1, 2021.

Further Cemetery Policies:


Monuments are the lot owner’s responsibility.

All tipped or leaning monuments shall be righted within one year from receipt of a written notice.

Perpetual care provides for the upkeep of the grounds only.

Monument Slab or Base

The monument slab or base shall extend five inches beyond the monument on all four sides. Contact a Cemetery Committee member to verify proper location before installing any monument slab or base.

Gravesite Decorations

Artificial flowers are permitted to be placed after May 1st each year. They must be securely fastened to the top of the monument in a respectable manner.

Other decorations, such as wooden crosses, chimes, plaques, wire, glass, artificial ornaments or vigil lights, must be located in front of the monument slab or base and not extend beyond the monument slab or base.

All decorations must be removed prior to mid-October to prevent damage to decorations by winter weather.


Flower planting shall be permitted at the head of the gravesite, immediately in front of the monuments concrete slab or base. Plantings shall not exceed twelve inches in depth and may not exceed the entire width of the concrete slab or base. The planting area shall be prepared and maintained by the lot owner.

If not reasonably maintained, flower plantings shall be removed. No planting containers will be allowed.

Planting of trees or shrubbery shall not be permitted. All existing tree or shrubbery plants will be evaluated during the spring clean-up and may be removed if overgrown, as deemed necessary by the Cemetery Committee.